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Water Cooled Sub / Jumper Cable ( An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company )


To meet the connector needs in resistance welding electromech offers a broad variety of secondary connector. Each cable, secondary shunts are designed and built to perform with maximum efficiency & economy in its intended application. Electromech air cooled jumpers cables are required to be electrically connecting distant points which move in relation to each other. Such as
The movable gun–arm of certain types of welding guns to electromech cable.

On multiple spot welding machines


Electromech air cooled jumpers are extra more flexible rope type secondary conductors with connector, swage- formed on each end for maximum flexibility & cooling.

The standard terminal width is 32 mm. if wide terminal is required, please specify when ordering.

Terminals are made for soft electrolytic copper tube.

Wire construction: - This made from 0.05 mm2 electrolytic grade copper wire each bunch of herringbone construction to reduce that the rate of wire fracture by providing the lateral surface wear areas. It is a total sectional area shall not be less than the appropriate sectional area per MCM/mm2 rating


Wire connection to Terminals: - Wires are brazed crimped in the soft electrolytic copper Tube. Wire can not melt out during brief overheads.


Flexible cover: - A loosely fitting rubber impregnated sheath encases most Cable styles for mechanical protection.

Optional feature

Protection sleeves: - In order to eliminate breakage of strands due to the frequent acute bending operation, protection sleeves are, provided on the area of both the terminals joints.

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